Gentleman Game - episode 3 : Brice Dulin's portrait



1-   How would you describe your “Philosophy of Life”?

My philosophy of life is to enjoy it to the full. I am open and willing to learn everything that needs to be learnt.


2-   Is time a luxury for you?

Totally. It is the only thing we can't control or buy. Every second costs us a moment of life.


3-   Tell us about the longest and shortest minutes of your life?

The shortest minute: when we became French champions with Castres Olympique and raised the Bouclier de Brennus trophy.

The longest moment: the Top 14 final in 2014 when we lost to Toulon at the final whistle.


4-   If you weren’t playing rugby, how would you spend your time?

I would probably be working in a sport-related field. I like the feeling of being on a team; sharing something with others.


5-   How do your roots help you move forward?

They taught me to be a fighter, have character and not accept failure. 


6-   Where does your passion come from and how do you pass it on to others?

My grandfather lived in the same street as the rugby stadium in Agen. He had a passion for rugby and passed that on to me. I think I channel that passion whenever I'm on the pitch.


7-   How would you describe your place and role within a team?

I'm a full-back, the last rampart. My role is to defend the back of the field and give a dash of madness when we attack.


8-   What’s been your greatest discovery/adventure?

My greatest and best adventure is my life. I experience extraordinary things that I share with my family, friends, rugby. It's amazing!


9-   Which of the values of JEANRICHARD do you identify with most?

It is a very special philosophy and so is my life with respect to the choices I make. Both are unique but they are quite similar in many ways.


10- What values do you see in yourself?

It's not for me to say. I find it difficult to describe myself.


11- What causes are you committed to?

I support the Kampuchea Balopp association in Cambodia. This association helps deprived and/or disabled children develop and build themselves through sport. The aim is to use sport as an educational and social inclusion tool for children. Through sport and rugby, in particular, children are led to develop fundamental human qualities such as sharing, mutual respect, tolerance, team spirit and other social values.