Pascal Papé, a second row as second Gentleman of the JEANRICHARD Rugby Team!


1-How would you describe your “Philosophy of Life”?

 I'm someone who wants to make the most of life. I try to ignore the bad things and not let them get a hold and take advantage of the good things.

 2-Is time a luxury for you?

 The time we have to live on earth should be a luxury. We should live each moment intensely.

 3-Tell us about the longest and shortest minutes of your life?

 The shortest minute: the birth of my eldest child; it went too fast, without even giving me the time to savour it - a very intense and moving moment.

 The longest minute: there are none and in my opinion, there shouldn't be any.

 4-If you weren’t playing rugby, how would you spend your time?

 I don't know. I give it my all. I can't imagine my life without rugby.

 5-How do your roots help you move forward?

 I come from a modest family. I am grateful for having got to where I am. My roots drive me every day: they help me push back the boundaries, hang on in there despite any difficulties and keep my feet firmly on the ground.

 6-Where does your passion come from and how do you pass it on to others?

 My father passed on his passion to me. He was a player too. He simply signed me up to play. It was a foregone conclusion.

 When my son sees me on TV and watches me play with his eyes wide open, it proves that I also pass on some of my passion!

 7-How would you describe your place and role within a team?

 My role is to contribute my know-how and be a leader in what I bring to the team. 

 8 - Which of the values of JEANRICHARD do you identify with most?

 Elegance, reliability and loyalty.

 9 - What values do you see in yourself?


 10 - What causes are you committed to?

 The AMREF association, the leading pan-African public health organisation. I try to use my position to help alleviate suffering and poverty. It is a way of giving back a little of what I receive to those in need.